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Lovely colour but i've I think Kym looks very much like Louise Redknapp

Doreen Healey

I prefer Cheryl the Burnett. I think this new look makes her a bit wishy washy. Maybe it's the pale make up that's doesn't help as we are used to seeing her with vibrant lipsticks and colorful heavy eye make up?


Still do not understand why women "blubber" their lips! Hope this horrible and ugly fashion disappears soon as without these ridiculous lips she would be truly beautiful!

Margaret Doney

I thought she looked like a wax model?


I like fringes but cannot tolerate long ones myself as my hair causes my eyes to turn red and runny. I honestly don't know HOW anyone can stand long straggly bits of hair getting in their eyes and/or impeding their vision. I certainly cannot so my fringe is just on a level with my eyebrows.

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