Holiday health essentials

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Packing for your holiday? Whether you're going abroad to catch the sun or even just camping for a weekend, you don't want your break to be spoiled by sunburn, insect bites, upset stomachs and other holiday nasties. Click through our gallery to see what you need to to protect yourself and your family - you don't need to go mad and buy it all, but a few carefully chosen items could stop illnesses from putting a dampener on your holiday.

Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray

What is it? It works in the same way as normal aftersun, but it’s easier to apply.

Do I need it? Obviously it’s better not to get sunburnt at all, but if you’ve gone a little bit pink this is a nice aftersun to use because you don’t have to spend lots of time rubbing it in to your sore skin – so far less complaining from the kids!

How much does it cost? £6.85 for 150ml.

Where can I buy it? From most pharmacies, try

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