Healthy eating trends for 2014

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Back away from the sweets and the faddy diets people, because 2014’s healthy eating trends are in and these are ones we can all actually follow!

It seems that every year there’s a new trend in healthy eating, but before you start thinking that we’re going to tell you to scoff rare foods from faraway lands or expensive deliver-to-your-door meals, think again! Because food and health expert, and author of Eat Yourself Young, Elizabeth Peyton-Jones says that this year it’s all about changing your relationship with food.

Reading labels, buying and cooking fresh food instead of ready-meals, taking control of our eating habits and educating ourselves about good food will be more important to most of us than trying the latest fad diets (and we all know how those turn out…). Anyone trying to lose weight is much more likely to see their results last longer by following a healthy eating plan that’s easy to maintain, rather than a quick-fix diet.

So what can we do differently in 2014 to make sure we not only start eating healthily, but stick to it?

Take a look through these tips for the healthy eating trends you can expect to see this year…