How to apply false eyelashes

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Benefit Cosmetics' Lisa Potter-Dixon shows us how to apply false eyelashes correctly

Are you thinking about giving false eyelashes a go for the Christmas parties?

While we’d love lashes like Cheryl Cole, false lashes can be a faff when you’re not sure how to apply them properly. They’re fiddly, and often end up coming off halfway through the night.

Once you know how to apply false eyelashes correctly, they’re really not that tricky to get right – and can make that smokey eye look even better, especially in those all-important photos.

Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics’ Lisa Potter-Dixon can help. She applies lashes for the celebs all day long, so she knows how to apply false lashes perfectly and make sure they stay on.

Strip lashes are much easier to apply than individual lashes, especially if it’s your first time wearing false lashes. Just make sure you pick up a pair that aren’t pre-glued.

Forget spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get your false eyelashes on – with Lisa’s top tips for a quick and easy application, you’ll be Christmas party ready (and out the door) in a flash.

So, grab your strip lashes and Lisa will show you exactly how to put them on. Follow her how to apply false eyelashes guide to get perfect false lashes, every time…