How to ditch your bad habits

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Nail biting, swearing, procrastinating...loads of us harbour bad habits that we've acted out for years! We've spoken to life coach Clara Gibson to get her expert tips on how to ditch your bad habits for good...

Bad habits. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can last for a matter of weeks to a whole lifetime, and can be really hard to kick.

We’ve enlisted the help of Clara Gibson, life, health and wellbeing coach of, to get her expert tips on how to stop bad habits like nail biting, swearing, putting yourself down and other common bad habits people struggle with on a daily basis.

Clara explains: ‘Habits are formed most frequently in early childhood. We develop a behaviour in response to a situation which achieves a result at the time that gets us attention, or makes us feel good in some way. Because the behaviour has given us something that at the time is rewarding, we do it again and again, until we are simply doing it unconsciously. Typically people only become aware of habits later in life when they become restricting in some way.

‘The repetition of the behaviour creates a well-trodden path in our neurological makeup. The reason why people find habits difficult to break are several fold – they’re not aware of the triggers, and need to have strong motivation to develop a new pathway that will become the new default setting.

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