How to say no without feeling guilty

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Do you struggle to say no? Find out how to say no without feeling guilty

Want to find out how to say ‘no’ and really mean it without upsetting people?

many times has someone asked you to do something that you know doesn’t
feel right for you, but instead of saying ‘no’ (and standing your
ground), you say ‘yes’? Or, worse still, let them talk you in to saying
‘yes’ by nervously making all sorts of excuses?

If you struggle to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or uncomfortable then you’re not alone.

able to say ‘no’ is so important, but lots of people, women especially,
feel like they’re letting someone down when they say ‘no’ so they end
up going along with things to keep others happy. It has the opposite
effect on their own lives though, making them feel miserable, put-upon
and like they don’t have any time for themselves. But that doesn’t have
to be the norm.

Once you know how to say ‘no’ and really mean it,
you’ll feel much more in control of your own life, time and feelings.
Plus, it will make saying ‘yes’ to the right things a breeze!

So, we asked Life, Health and Wellbeing Coach, Clara Gibson ( how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. Click through her top tips and start saying ‘no’ (without worrying) now…