Join the goodtoknow Diet Club!

What is the goodtoknow Diet Club?

Joining our new diet club will give you access to a really clever online food and exercise diary. No foods or drinks are off limits, but your personalised calorie allowance will help you manage portion control and to make healthy diet choices. Any exercise you do is added in as ‘minus calories’. so there’a always scope for the odd treat!

What do I get with my membership?

  • Online food and drink diary
  • Personalised calorie allowance
  • Calorie-counting tool and a food swap gadget
  • Widget that calculates exercise as ‘calories-burnt’ 
  • Healthy recipes for inspiration
  • Automatic 5-a-day and alcohol trackers
  • Answers to fitness and nutrition questions
  • Support from other goodtoknow Diet Club members
  • Free barcode scanning iPhone app!

The goodtoknow Diet Club is good for anyone who wants to lose weight and learn how to keep if off.

The online food diary shows you how many calories are in everything you eat, so soon enough making diet-friendly decisions about what you eat will become second nature.

Any exercise you do also goes into the diary and comes off your calorie-allowance. The brilliant thing about
this part of the plan, is that you can find out the ‘minus calories’ in
loads of every day activites like walking, ironing, doing your fitness
DVD at home…

The goodtoknow Diet Club
is also great for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy themselves once
in a while! You can go out for a meal and if you go over your calorie
intake for the day, just balance it out over the rest of the week with
more exercise and make adjustments to what you eat. 

As well as dieters, the plan works brilliantly for people looking to eat healthily and maintain their current weight.
The 5-a-day and alcohol tracker automatically show you if you’ve hit
your fruit and veg target intake for the day or if you’ve over done it
on the booze.

Get the most out of your membership to the goodtoknow Diet Club by following our simple tips.

  • Don’t miss anything out.
    The odd biscuit, splash of oil you fried an onion for dinner with, a
    sneaky handful from someone else’s packets of crisps… Record
    everything in the online diary. It’ll help you figure out where those
    extra calories are coming from!
  • Don’t delay. Don’t wait
    until the end of the day before you fill the diary in, as you’re bound
    to forget something. You can download the diary onto your phone (doesn’t
    have to be an iPhone), so you can update it on the go.
  • Be accurate.
    Make sure all the measurements you’re inputting are correct. Always
    weigh things when you get a chance, especially at the beginning. You’ll
    get better at guessing the portion size as time goes on.

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