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  • Detox diet plan

    Your complete detox diet plan

    Fancy trying a detox diet plan that promises results in just two weeks? We show you how to detox for the best results - fast!

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    (382 ratings)
  • What you need to know about juice diets

    Juice diets: What you need to know

    Fancy a cleanse? Detox your system and lose weight on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juice packed with vitamins and minerals...

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    (158 ratings)
  • Jennifer Ellison

    Cambridge Diet: Is the popular plan right for you?

    One of the most popular diets in the UK, what is the Cambridge Diet really all about?

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    (272 ratings)
  • The Harcombe Diet

    The Harcombe Diet

    We're hearing a lot of good things about The Harcombe Diet, and the results it delivers, but what's it all about?

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    (110 ratings)
  • Bingo wings

    13 ways to beat bingo wings

    Tone your upper arms with these easy, everyday toning exercises. If you dread wearing strappy tops because of your bingo wings, tighten your upper arm muscles with these simple exercises

  • diet myths, diet, ose weight, stop eating, plate, knife and fork

    118 weight loss tips

    Want to lose weight? Our round-up of easy ways to help your diet can help

  • A selection of raw fruit and vegetables

    The brain-boosting diet

    Recharge your body and mind with a few clever food choices, and lose up to 8lb in two weeks with diet guru Monica Grenfell's brain boosting diet

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  • Woman wearing jeans

    Woman's Own: Get Back In Your Jeans

    Woman's Own food guru Monica Grenfell's easy eating plan will help you reclaim your figure- and your jeans- in just 2 weeks!

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    (8 ratings)
  • A bowl of Grapefruit

    Scarsdale Diet

    A low-fat, high-protein diet with menu plans that you have to follow exactly, but you could lose a massive 20 lbs in two weeks and the good news is you can eat bread and fruit like grapefruits

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  • Special K cereal

    The Special K Diet: 'Drop a dress size in two-weeks'

    Shift those extra pounds and drop a dress size in two-weeks with the Special K Diet.

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    (267 ratings)
  • The South Beach Diet

    South Beach Diet

    You can have three meals a day plus snacks on the South Beach Diet, which was devised by a heart specialist from Miami. This sensible plan could help you lose 13lbs in two weeks

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  • Davina McCall, 'Big Brother' 30 Jul 2010

    The super skin diet

    Get glowing skin like Davina, reduce wrinkles, and lose 7lb with Monica Grenfell's delicious two-week diet plan

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Showing 1-12 of 14 results

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