Low fat diets

  • The DASH Diet,

    7-Day Detox Plan

    This one-week eating plan kicks off the detoxifying process, boosts your immune system and…

  • Girl watching TV with crisps

    Lazy Girl's Diet

    We all want slimming to be as easy as possible! Lose 10lbs in a month on our minimum-effort…

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Whittle Your Waist Diet

    Want fab abs like Jennifer Lopez? Woman's Own diet expert Monica Grenfell shows you how to…

  • Woman wearing jeans

    Woman's Own: Get Back In Your Jeans

    Woman's Own food guru Monica Grenfell's easy eating plan will help you reclaim your figure-…

  • A bowl of Grapefruit

    Scarsdale Diet

    A low-fat, high-protein diet with menu plans that you have to follow exactly, but you could…

  • Weighing scales and siren_Photolibrary

    The Emergency Rescue Diet

    Looking for a diet to lose weight fast? Try this emergency seven-day plan to slim quickly…

  • woman eating apple in sun

    Detox Diet

    It's good to give your body a detox a few times a year to help flush out toxins and this…

  • summer diet

    Seasonal summer diet

    Go with the weather and change the way you eat according to what's in season - you could…

  • Woman with bowl of berries

    Lose 10lb in 4 Weeks Diet

    Based on superfoods such as berries, nuts and oily fish, this low-fat diet will help you…

  • Woman eating cereal

    Never Be Hungry Diet

    If you hate always feeling hungry on a diet, then try this one. This seven-day, low-fat…

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