50 Shades Of Grey: spoof trailer hints at romance rather than raunch in upcoming film!

Imagine our surprise when we thought we’d stumbled upon the very first trailer for the upcoming (and hotly-anticipated) 50 Shades Of Grey film.

After news that the official 50 Shades trailer had its first showing in the United States at CinemaCon – to mixed reactions from viewers – a spoof of the trailer has appeared online which had many 50 Shades fans thinking they too were getting their first glimpse of next year’s big release!

The ‘trailer’ shows a very slow and romantic side to the story between the brooding Christian Grey and the innocent Anastasia Steele. Set to a tingly romantic adaption of the XX’s Infinity, Mr Grey is seen in his apartment, driving around in his expensive car and ‘meeting’ Anastasia in every day scenarios, all interlinked with sexy snapshots of the two. But rather than the hot and heavy S&M-style scenes, readers of the book might be expecting, the spoof hints at a slightly tamer, emotional side to the story.

Cast pictures of Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey)

And tellingly, viewers of the premiered trailer in America have also suggested that the official footage was ‘surprisingly tame’, with the emphasis on romance rather than S&M. According to the Belfast Telegraph, ‘The teaser trailer included a “glimpse” of a whip, a brief view of Dakota wearing a blindfold, and Christian confessing to Anatasia, “my tastes are very singular.”‘

Reports also state that Beyoncé’s song, Haunted, plays near the end of the trailer when the more raunchy scenes are shown.

Watch the spoof trailer, which had 50 Shades fans fooled here: 


We wonder if these two trailers mean that director Sam Taylor-Wood really has toned down the raunchiness for the big screen, or perhaps they’re just keeping all the juicy stuff for the film’s Valentine’s Day release day. Either way, we’re counting down the weeks (and days, hours and minutes)!

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