Dating after divorce

So it’s done. You’re officially divorced. The CD collection has been reduced to half a dozen discs that you haven’t listened to in years, you’ve fought over custody of the vase that great aunt Mary gave you as a wedding present and you’ve paid your lawyers enough money to ensure they have a brilliant summer holiday.

Now it’s time to get out there and kiss a few frogs… or at least an attractive stranger that a friend of a friend thinks you’d be perfect for.

It can be hard to get started so here’s a quick summary of some of the essential preparations for climbing back on that dating saddle.

1. What to wear

Get a good friend to help with your outfit. Yes, you are your own woman, and yes, you know what suits you, but having a pal who is on hand to make you laugh during the run-up to the big night will get rid of some of the nervous tension that’s pumping through your body.

2. Where to go

Without coming over as a raging control freak, gently suggest a venue in which you feel comfortable – not, however, one that has any romantic associations with your ex. For the purposes of this exercise, reminiscing is a no-no.

3. Help on hand

If possible, arrange for your friend to spend the night at your house so that you have someone there for an after-date post mortem. There are very few things that can’t be celebrated/commiserated/consoled with a mate and a few glasses of wine.

4. Preparation

Decide whether or not to rid your body of all hair and proceed accordingly. Is there any chance you may want to have sex with this person? If so, indulge in leg and bikini depilatory procedures.

Definitely, absolutely no possibility of naked activity? Then give the waxing pot a miss. If your strict morals become loosened by a couple of glasses of wine and you find yourself feeling frisky, your unattended areas should make you hold back!

5. Be realistic

Don’t have any wild fantasies or expectations other than that he definitely won’t look like Daniel Craig.