Fabulous sex tricks every woman should know

We all love great sex and sometimes we’re looking for things that will make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable.

So we’ve come up with some top tricks that will put a bit of va-va-voom into your sex life and leave both you and him panting for more…

Make a change

We’ve all heard the expression ‘a change is as good as a rest’ – well, when it comes to sex, it’s very true.

Most of us have sex in the same couple of positions and at roughly the same time every day, so it’s no wonder that it sometimes gets a bit humdrum.

So doing something different can have a significant impact, no matter how small or large.

So what sort of things are we talking about?
* The most obvious is try a new position – it can be as adventurous as you wish. And remember, even if you don’t actually like it, the very act of trying something new should get the two of you going.
* Normally have morning sex? Try doing it in the afternoon, or why not grab your man straight after you’ve finished dinner (assuming the kids aren’t around), rather than waiting till you’re both in bed later in the evening.
* Do it in a new room – most of us always have sex in the bedroom, so try it on the stairs for once. Even if you don’t want to leave the bedroom, try using the floor rather than the bed.

Once you’ve done something new once, it’ll become easier to throw something different into the mix next time.


Touch each other somewhere different

Having sex with someone we know and trust does have its compensations, in that you usually know exactly how and where to touch each other to gain maximum effect.

But have you considered that there are probably many other places you could touch that will have you screaming with pleasure:

For the woman
– Have you ever had your back well and truly kissed and caressed? Get your fella to use his lips all over and lick up and down your spine. This gives many women a real shiver and is extraordinarily erotic.
– Rather than using the end of his tongue when he goes down on you, get him to use the flat part. You will be get a totally different feeling and it should reach parts it’s never reached before. Don’t believe us? Lick the palm of your hand with the tip of your tongue and then compare that feeling with the one you get when the whole of your tongue licks your palm.

For the man:
– A head massage isn’t something most men will ask for, but once they’ve tried they’ll be begging you for more. Just pretend your putting conditioner on and move your fingers in a circular motion.
– The perineum is a part of the man’s body that is often talked about, but rarely touched. It’s the smooth bit between his anus and scrotum and is jam-packed with nerve endings. He’ll go wild if you use two fingers to massage it and it can really heighten an orgasm if you do it at the right time.

A lot of sex is focussed on the actual act of sex and using the mouth, but a good hand-job by both a man and a woman is worth its weight in gold.

What are the benefits?

Sounds weird, but one great thing about using hands only is that you don’t need to get naked – great if you’re body conscious or aren’t somewhere where that would be, ahem, appropriate. It’s also very safe, so you don’t need any condoms and you can be far more adventurous with where you do it than with normal sex.


For him

OK, so if you’re not confident using your hands the main thing to do is relax and listen to him. He’ll guide you and after a while you’ll be able to listen to his moans for encouragement.

* Get slippery: Use your own saliva or get hold of some lube to make it that bit more exciting. A dry hand-job is fine, but it feels a whole lot better when wet.
* Get in rhythm: Start off slow and build up the speed slowly – a bit like actual sex. If you start too fast, he won’t be as sensitive to your touch and will also get a bit sore.
* Use both hands: You need to be comfortable so you can get both hands involved. Hold him steady with one hand and then slide up and down with the other, closing gently as you reach the head.
* Twist and turn: The key to giving him a great time is to change your movement. As you reach the head of his penis, twist your hand. Alternatively, use both hands and move up and down with different parts of each hand touching different parts of him. Trust us, he’ll enjoy it.

For her

Women aren’t as confident about telling their fella how to touch them – so our message is if you want to really enjoy a bit of manual stimulation give some directions. Here are some tips in case you’re struggling for what to tell him.

* Don’t strip: Get him to rub you through your jeans or through your knickers. You’ll get turned on the same and then it’ll feel even more amazing when your underwear does finally come off.
* Slow down: One thing you may need to tell your fella is to put the brakes on. It’s often a bit of a race for them to reach the finish, so some calm, reassuring words asking them to go at half-speed should heighten your enjoyment and make the whole experience last much longer.
* Don’t stop: If he’s really doing something that is sending you to sexual heaven, make sure he doesn’t change the technique. You’ll lose the moment and won’t be happy and will just get annoyed with him.
* Do the work for him: You can tell him as much as you want, but let’s face it, you know how it feels, so if his fingers are in the right place make sure you grind up against them. That way, he won’t spend ages finding the exactly the right position and you get to be in control.

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