How to flirt: A flirting masterclass

Want to get more clued up on how to flirt? We’ve got expert flirting tips to help you be more seductive and boost your confidence with the opposite sex!

Fluttering our eyelashes, tilting our head to one side, looking at a man’s mouth when he’s talking – these are all signs of flirting – and whether we realise it or not, we all do it.

Do you know how to flirt?

Statistics differ but most experts agree it takes us between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide if we’re attracted to someone.

And surprisingly, experts say that 55% of the first impression another person forms about us comes from our body language (including eye contact, posture and gestures), while 38% is from the tone, speed and sound of our voice and actually only 7% is from what we’re actually saying. Good news for those of us who find it hard to make small-talk!

But flirting isn’t just for chatting up handsome strangers, we can flirt with anyone – including our long-term partners! And this is where mastering some flirting techniques can really help reignite some passion into your relationship.

Relationship and flirting expert Jean Smith explains: ‘Anyone can flirt. It’s a skill. Yes, some people are naturally better at it, just as some people are naturally better at playing the piano. But, like anything, the more we practice, the easier it gets.’

For some of us less practiced in the art of flirting, the fear of rejection from strangers may hold us back or we might just not feel confident enough to speak to them. Meanwhile, for those of us in long-term relationships, the days of flirting may seem a distant memory as over time all the allure of the unknown slowly fades as it becomes known!

But a little bit of flirting can do a whole lot of good for our self-esteem, says Jean. It can really boost our confidence and if we start to flirt with our long-term partners again, it can really switch the spark back on.

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