Keeping the peace at Christmas

Christmas may be a time of fun and cheer, but as the big day approaches arguments break out all too often.

We talked to Relate counsellor Denise Knowles to get her 6 expert tips on how to keep the peace this Christmas and avoid arguments.

1. Talk to your man

It’s really important to discuss things with your husband or partner before Christmas really kicks off. You must make sure you’re not on your own if any problems come up.

Explain to him that you may need to take some time out, if everything gets too much and that he has to support you.

2. Start preparing now

It really never is too early to start getting ready for Christmas. Work out who’s coming when and if there’s anything specific you need, like the veggie alternative.

And don’t be too proud or scared ask friends or family to bring things to help ease the load, like the mince pies or trifle. It’ll save you the work and it’s something to cross off the list.

Also think about things people can do while they’re with you. Putting your mother-in-law or aunt in charge of making the gravy or keeping the kids entertained will make your job far easier.