‘My husband cheated on me with my friend!’

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Can you help our reader Kaye? Her husband’s had a seven year affair but now wants her to forgive and stay with him. The question is, should she forgive and forget? Read her sex story and help her decide what to do!

My husband of 35 years has been having an affair for over seven years with a woman that used to be my friend.

When I finally confronted him, he admitted to the affair and immediately said he wanted marriage counselling and to work it out with me. He also, without an ultimatum, said he would never see or talk to his lover again.

For a long time before the affair, our relationship suffered because of his lack of respect and caring for me and my disinterest in sex. He told me he began the affair to have sex but it grew out of his control.

I found lots of emails where his lover obsessed over our marriage and tried to get him to leave me. He didn’t leave me but told her he stayed with me for financial reasons but that he really loved her.

Now he’s being romantic, loving and considerate. How do I and should I forgive him and learn to trust him again?

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