Sex style quiz – You’re Ms Balanced

Judi says:

You’ve either not been together that long, or you’ve found your sex soul mate because your sex life seems perfectly balanced.

It’s a fact of life that relationships do tend to go through a period of lots of sex early on; when you both lack inhibitions and sex with each other is the number one priority in both of your lives.

This is nature making us good breeding stock but unfortunately this period of intense action and prioritisation does tend to run out of steam after what could be enough time to produce two kids, i.e. about two years. After this the desire and love can feel as strong or even stronger but the heavy and intense passion can tone down a notch or two.

There’s no reason why this should cause problems in your relationship – in fact it’s entirely natural – but it’s important to expect some sexual ‘cooling off’ and make plans to both live with it and deal with it rather than silently mourning it.

Make sure you’re compatible in other ways so that your love is based on more than just lust and be prepared to inject some variety into your love life rather than just allowing it to fade with age.

Experimentation can help as it create a feeling of change or newness into your relationship.

Judi James is a sex, relationships and body language expert and author of The Body Language Bible, available from June.

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