Sex toys: Best vibrators for women

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Wondering what are the best female vibrators out there? We've compiled a list of the best vibraters for women and have something for everyone: large, quiet, cheap, big and more. Which sex toy will you choose?

So you’ve decided you want to buy a vibrator, but you’re not sure which one. What’s the difference between all the vibrators out there and which one is the best for you? Let us help…

Using a vibrator can sometimes be considered a taboo, but truth is that more and more women are using vibrators. According to a study by Indiana University, one in two women regularly use a vibrator, either during sex with a partner or solo, so you’re definitely not alone in your quest for a new sex toy.

Female vibrators definitely have benefits like boosting your confidence in bed and helping with your body image in general, but they also make you more aware of your sexual needs and health.

Understanding how your body works is essential when achieving climax in sex, so experimenting with a vibrator and getting to know your anatomy is important if you want to improve your sex life or simply refresh your romantic experiences in the bedroom using sex toys.

When it comes to choosing and buying a vibrator, the first thing to realise is that there is no one-size-fits-all. Women differ in what they want and so do their choices in vibrators.

So how do you choose which vibrator is best for you? There’s so much out there: large, quiet, cheap, big… Different kinds of stimulation require different types of vibrators. Are you after a vibrator for external stimulation, penetration or both?

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