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  • Sun creams

    Tested: Best and worst sun creams

    Consumer watch dog Which? have revealed the sun creams that passed their SPF and UVA testing, and those that didn't. We take a look at the best sun creams that work and which ones to avoid.

  • Is it safe to use a sunbed?

    Is it safe to use a sunbed? Everything you need to know before you do

    Under 18s are now banned from using sunbeds in England, Scotland and Wales as they've been proven to increase the risk of skin cancer. We explain more about the risks of sunbeds

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  • Thing you didn't know protect you in the sun

    Things you didn't know would protect you in the sun

    A sun lotion, shades and a bandana will spare you from a sunburn this summer, but these foods can boost your protection even more. We always knew a bar of chocolate could only do us good!

  • woman feet beach landscape

    Summer ready feet, fast!

    Be sandal ready in a flash with our do-it-yourself pedicure guide.

  • Sun protection

    Sun care skincare

    When the sun's shining we can get a bit carried away and forget how important it is to protect our skin. But, we have all the sunbathing myths and facts you need to know to make sure you stay safe in the sun!

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  • Woman in bikini on a beach

    Holiday panic diets

    Whether you're flying off in two months, three weeks or even five days, you can still achieved your perfect bikini body with one of our quick weight-loss diets

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