Talk to your child about weight

It’s not about fitting in, being popular or looking trendy…

We’re obsessed with how people look and this can produce very negative attitudes toward overweight people. Kids are exposed to lots of these negative messages, such as the idea that ‘thin’ is good and ‘fat’ is bad. This can make children of all shapes and sizes feel bad about themselves.

All kids want to be popular and look good – but this is not the reason why it’s important to be a healthy weight. Children who are overweight are more likely to develop serious chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease later on in life and may experience other complications such as reduced fertility. When talking to your child about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, make sure they understand that it is their health you are concerned about and not the way they look. Make sure they also understand that they are beautiful and loved whatever their size or shape.

Read on to find out whether or not your child is obese and how to talk to them about it.