The best slimming swimsuits

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These clever swimsuits are hiding an array of sculpting, structuring and slimming tricks up their sleeves, oh and they're pretty too...

Do you feel like all your problems would be solved if Spanx were acceptable poolside attire? Yes, we think the same too. The good news is however, that these days swimsuits aren’t all that elastic stretchy material that is just too thin and flimsy in certain places, far too tight in others, and quite frankly, rides too high in places we won’t mention…

There are a whole host of swimsuits out there nowadays which have been created for those of us who like a more forgiving fit. Slimming swimuits offer a more structured option for the curvier and more busty ladies, and for those of us who just need a little bit of a helping hand with certain wobbly areas we’d like to keep firmly fixed in one place – thank you very much.

We’ve found nine of the best slimming swimsuits, and told you exactly how they work and who they’re best for too. Whether you’re looking to create the illusion of a killer waist, one that will support big boobs, or something that will flatteringly skim your tummy, check out our fave slimming swimsuits from this season and look fabulous in them!

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