The muffin top exercise plan

The muffin top. That annoying roll of flab that pokes over the top of jeans like a muffin spilling over its case. But unlike the baked variety, there’s nothing sweet about it.

If you’re fed up with that bulge hanging over your jeans then we can help you sort it out. Whether you’ve got a giant muffin, a medium muffin or a mini muffin there’s an exercise programme for you – stick to it for just a month and you’ll see a difference.

What causes a muffin top?

Even slim women can have a muffin top because it’s not just a case of being overweight.

Having children and getting older can change our body shape, leading to wider hips and a flabby tummy. Plus, jeans and trousers that don’t come high enough up the body, or are too small can create a muffin top.

Will I ever get rid of it?

With the right diet and exercise most women will get rid of their muffin top. For some it’s just their natural shape (pear shape) but wearing bootcut jeans or trousers with a higher waistband can make a big difference.

Changing your posture can also help. Stand up straight, pull in your tummy and bum and don’t hunch your shoulders. Your muffin top will be smaller and you’ll look slimmer all over.

Is exercise the only thing that helps?

Exercise will help but going on a diet and losing weight is also key. We’ve got loads of diets for you to choose from.