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  • 10 ways to firm your bum 02_jup

    10 exercise myths

    Ever heard the saying no pain, no gain? And do sit ups really give you a flat stomach? Find out if our 10 exercising myths are true

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  • diet myths, diet, ose weight, stop eating, plate, knife and fork

    118 weight loss tips

    Want to lose weight? Our round-up of easy ways to help your diet can help

  • Biggest Loser Weight Loss Tips

    The Biggest Loser weight loss tips

    Want to lose weight fast? ITV's Biggest Loser fitness experts are on hand with their 6 top weight loss and fitness tips to help you get into shape and tone up for summer.

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  • The Ultimate Facercise

    The Ultimate Facercise Workout

    Want to look younger? Tone up your face and stop the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the best anti-ageing facial exercises from Carole Maggio's best-selling book, The Ultimate Facercise.

  • Woman lunging with dumbellls, cellulite-busting exercises_Photolibrary

    Exercise at home - equipment

    Is there one part of your body you'd really like to change? Find out the best fitness equipment for toning and slimming arms, boobs, tummy, hips, bum and thighs

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  • Leg exercises for toned legs

    Exercises for toned legs

    Give these easy leg exercises a go and within a few weeks your legs will be more firm and toned. All the exercises can be done at home and you don't need any fancy gym equipment.

  • 10 easy TV workouts

    TV workouts: 10 easy ways to exercise while watching television!

    Get fit while watching TV in your front room - no, really!

  • Free Bingo wings diet plan

    Bingo wings diet plan

    Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell's new bingo wings diet zaps your upper body in all the right places you should see results in three weeks

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