Toning exercises – the one move you need

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Want a perkier bum, to tone up those bingo wings or a flat tum? Personal trainer to the celebs, Matt Roberts, shows you how, with just one move...

We all have parts of our body that we’d love to tone up. Maybe you’d like a more pert bum, perkier chest, slimmer thighs or a flat, toned tummy? Then you need some simple toning exercises that really work.

The right toning exercises will change your body completely, making you look and – more importantly – feel great so you can wear your favourite jeans, new dress or that bikini (when the weather warms up or you head off on holiday) with confidence. Oh, and get lots of lovely compliments too!

Personal trainer Matt Roberts ( knows exactly which toning exercises work for different problem areas. He’s helped lots of celebrities like Amanda Holden and Mel C get in shape, and he can help you tone up too!

Click through the gallery and find out which toning exercises Matt swears by for the bum, chest, thighs, arms and tum, plus his expert how-to advice to make sure you’re doing those toning exercises right every time.

All of the equipment mentioned is available from Matt’s new fitness range for Argos (in store from 19th January), with prices starting from just £7.99.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the body you’ve always dreamed of now with these simple toning exercises…