Vegetarian Diet

Thinking of going meat-free to lose weight? Well, being veggie won’t always help you drop pounds because it can be a diet high in fat.

In order to be healthy and lose weight with a veggie diet you need to eat a wide variety of foods and go easy on the cheese as many vegetarian meals have a lot of cheese in them, which is fattening.

Also, some people find that meat-free meals don’t fill them up as much as meat-based meals, so they end up snacking.

But we’ve come up with a healthy vegetarian diet, which includes dairy products and eggs that could help you lose a pound a week.

So if you’re curious about being a vegetarian, if you want to eat more healthily or if you want to lose a few pounds, give this diet a go.

How long can I do it for?

This diet is a healthy eating plan, so you could stick to it for life but if you just want a short-term fix it’s fine for that too.

After two weeks you should feel the difference and notice your skin has more of a glow to it. Depending on your previous habits, after a month on the plan you should have lost between half a stone to a stone.

The pros

The eating plan is really healthy, full of antioxidants, fibre and low in fat. And as well as feeling healthier you’ll also gradually lose weight.

Depending on your starting weight and lifestyle you could lose around a pound a week.

It’s balanced, tasty and filling so you won’t be dipping into the biscuit tin.

The cons

Many of the meals need to be cooked from scratch – although we’ve got lots of quick recipes to make this easier.

Because it’s a diet that’s full of fibre some people might experience wind and bloating but the best way to beat this is to eat slowly, drink lots of water and drink peppermint tea.