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Blow dry hair tutorial

WATCH: Create your own bouncy-blow dry

Fancy trying your own Kate Middleton-inspired bouncy blow-dry? Our step...

(1 ratings)
Swiss ball exercises

6 easy Swiss ball exercises

Ever wanted to try exercising with a Swiss ball? They work more muscles...

(269 ratings)
Woman with tummy ache

How to cure thrush

Worried you might have thrush? GP Sarah Jarvis explains how thrush can d...

(7 ratings)
Back pain

Back pain advice video

If you suffer from back pain - it's time to tackle your problems. In thi...

(14 ratings)
An unhappy woman

Do I have a food intolerance?

Dr Hilary Jones tells us how to find out if you've got a food intoleranc...

(245 ratings)
Exercise mum

Exercising for new mums video

Ready to start exercising again? Find out what a 'rec check' is, or when...

(221 ratings)
home fitness equipment, perk up boobs

7 exercises for bra fat bulge video

Can't get rid of that horrible bulge by your bra? Well, we're here to he...

(254 ratings)
Woman checking her breast for signs of cancer

Breast cancer screening advice video

Two radiographers advise on mammograms and ultrasound scans

(254 ratings)
Adult Sickle cell headache woman

Cure headaches: Treating migraines

What should you take if you want to get rid of a headache and is a paink...

(249 ratings)

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Younger v older face-off

Tulisa's only 25, but her appearance has changed drastically since just two years ago. Do you think she looks better now, or in 2012?

Tulisa 2012

A fresh-faced Tulisa, do you think she looked better then?

Tulisa 2014

Tulisa's barely recogniseable. Do you prefer her look two years on?

 94% 221 votes
 6% 221 votes