Why detox?

Think of a detox diet and you might imagine someone living off spinach-coloured smoothies for a month.

But according to nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer, a detox diet doesn’t have to be that drastic and can have many benefits, like helping you to beat stress, get more energy and lose weight.

Here, Sarah answers your questions and explains why detoxing works, how you can do it effectively and why you don’t have to live off just soup and smoothies.

Why detox?

Following a detox diet is especially helpful for those who feel stressed, run down, tired all the time or have a tendency towards recurrent infections, headaches, poor concentration or digestive discomfort.

Most people would benefit from a detox diet after the festive season (although it can be done at any time of year). As well as helping you lose any weight you gained, it also helps to support your body’s own elimination systems after over indulging.

Read on for Dr Sarah Brewer’s advice on how to detox