Woman’s Own: Detox Soup Diet – Tips and traps

Monica says:
Every day, dozens of women write to me and say they’re mystified at how the weight’s creeping up when they’re vigilant about their diet. Here are some of the most common traps:

1. Eating too much fruit People consider fruit a ‘good’ food, and it is. But it’s full of fructose, a natural sugar. This instantly hits your bloodstream and if you eat fruit when your energy stores are full, your liver will convert it to triglycerides – fat. Of your five portions a day, make three of them veg.

2. Not enough fibre Fibre is calorie-free. It absorbs water, curbs hunger and as it goes through your system, it removes fat and waste.

3. Too much salt Sodium increases water retention. You look puffy, feel heavier and this is demotivating. Look for unsalted butter, salt-free cereal and make your own sauces – tinned and bottled sauces are stuffed with salt!

4. Not being aerobic enough Walking everywhere is a good way to live your life, but official guidelines say to raise your heart rate to 73 per cent of its maximum (MHR) four to five times a week, for 30-40 minutes. Aim to do this and you’ll keep pounds off.

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