Woman’s Own: The All New Facelift Diet


A radiant complexion? Yes! Lose weight? Definitely, with Monica Grenfell’s brand new eating plan.

Get a glow

If ever you needed motivation to exercise, this is it! Raising your pulse gets the blood to the small capillaries in your skin and gives you a youthful, rosy glow. Raising your pulse rate for 20 minutes four times a week is vital. Check your ideal heart rate for age at www.monicagrenfell.co.uk. – Look under ‘fit tips’.

Your facelift superfoods

This 7-day skin diet has everything your complexion needs to shed the years and around 7lbs!

Vitamin A – Keeps skin moist and lightens liver spots (carrots, liver, egg yolk)
Vitamin E – Protects skin from sun damage (nuts, seeds, wheatgerm)
Vitamin C – The natural skin plumper, it boosts the production of collagen (red berries, red peppers, grapefruit)
Omega 3 and zinc – Anti-puffiness and dryness. Zinc also helps skin renewal (fish, shellfish)
Protein – For skin tone and texture (red and white meat, fish, low-fat dairy)

Your diet

  • Have a fresh fruit salad with mixed berries or fresh fruit juice with lunch and dinner. 
  • Your allowed two snacks a day: a small plain low-fat yoghurt or cube of cheese
  • Cut down on tea and coffee. Try herbal and fruit teas and drink a glass of water with added lemon juice every hour.