13 reasons your kids have the best auntie in the world

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  • Where would we be without aunties? Whether they’re your blood relatives or your best friends, aunties love your kids just as much as you do… and boy, do they love them too!

    Whether she’s buying them cool stuff, taking them to fun places or letting them eat food that’s totally banned from your kitchen, she’s one of their favourite people for a reason.

    And whilst you might feel a twinge of jealous whenever they run into her open arms and run actively away from yours in the process, you know they love her for the same reasons you do – and their amazing relationship is brilliant for everyone involved.

    These are the telltale signs that the kids might just have nabbed themselves the best auntie in the world… and if your kids have an auntie like this, don’t forget to remind them just how lucky they are.

    1. She buys them the most adorable outfits

    2. And has the BEST toys at her house

    3. She’s always got a solid supply of snacks on standby

    4. And knows just what to cook when they come over for dinner

    5. The day trips she takes them on are AWESOME

    6. She indulges even the most ridiculous of demands

    7. And lets them stay up wayyy past their bedtime

    8. The best presents under the tree are always from her…

    9. … Probably because, unlike other relatives, she takes an actual interest in their hobbies

    10. She makes them feel confident enough to be themselves

    11. Teaches them life skills

    12. And supports them in their goals, whatever they may be

    13. In fact, some days she probably hears these words more than you do

    But that’s okay, because you love her just as much as they do.

    Do you have a story to share about a particularly wonderful auntie? Comment below – we’d love to hear it!