Week by week pregnancy guide: 13 weeks pregnant

Looking for a pregnancy week by week guide? We’ve got everything you could want to know about being 13 weeks pregnant, right here.

Congratulations! You’ve now entered your second trimester and hopefully life will start to get a little easier. The second trimester is the phase of pregnancy that most women love the most.

Ready to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about being 13 weeks pregnant…

13 weeks pregnant: Symptoms

This is the period when that bloom of pregnancy becomes a reality. It’s the phase in which you don’t just feel pregnant, you begin to look it as well. Last week your uterus moved up out of your pelvis and could be felt above your pelvic bone. This means you may now notice a little baby bump starting to form.

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13 weeks pregnant: Fetal development

Your baby’s about 7.4 cms long from crown to rump and is roughly the size of a peach. They weigh around 23 grams.

During this week your baby’s face starts to look more recognisable because the eyes, which started out at the sides of the head, have moved closer together and the ears are now almost in the right position, too.

The liver and kidneys have also started to function. Bone has begun to replace cartilage and although you won’t feel it yet, your baby’s reflexes are starting to develop and they are already flexing their little arms and kicking their tiny legs.

Your baby already has unique fingerprints, and if you’re having a girl she already has around two million eggs in her ovaries.

13 weeks pregnant: The changes you should make

The earlier a dating scan is carried out the more accurate it is likely to be. However, if you were late finding out you are pregnant you will still be offered one at this stage.

There’s still time to have a nuchal translucency scan if you wish to have one.

This is the latest you can be offered a Chorionic Villus Sampling – a diagnostic test which looks for fetal abnormalities. After this you will be offered a different diagnostic test known as an amniocentesis. This can be carried out from Week 15.

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