15 fun gardening ideas for kids

Apparently gardening makes kids happy! Need we say more? If you want some inspiration to start them off, read our 10 gardening ideas they'll love

It’s official; gardening is good for you. It lowers blood pressure,
increases brain activity and puts you in an all-round good mood.

what better way to pass the time than by getting your little ones to
help? Gardening for kids is great for them too. Research has shown that
gardening will make your kids feel happy and teach them new skills (and
lets face it, who wants to pay out for a gardener when you can train up a
mini Alan Titchmarsh in your very own house?)

So, with that in
mind, we’ve put together this guide on gardening for kids, which
includes simple and easy green-fingered projects that they can get
involved with. They’re all cheap, fun and a great way to drag your kids
away from the telly.

Got any other fun gardening ideas you reckon are worth putting in this gallery? Let us know and we’ll add them in.