Father films baby daughter everyday for first year of her life, and the result is just stunning

Life with a newborn baby is so rewarding, life changing, and exciting that you simply want to capture every moment. Well here’s a man who actually did.

Dan Schimpf wanted to remember every detail of his daughter’s first year, and so he set about to making it happen by filming his little one every day, even if for just a moment, for the first year of her life.

Prepare for moments like this…

And the results are astounding. From happy days to grumpy ones, getting licked by the couple’s Basset Hounds and making friends and enemies, see this little girl’s first year in just a few minutes.

… and this.

Proud father Dan described her as ‘my world’, and here he lets us into a glimpse of what that world looks like. Cute!

Millie, who is seen wearing a pink helmet in some of the video, suffered from torticollis & placiocephaly which caused her head to be flat on one side and needed the helmet to correct it, but dad Dan says ‘it’s perfect now’.

Millie wore a correctional helmet for much of her first year.

Millie’s first year has already has been viewed by 20,000 people online, but we reckon she deserves a few more, right? Share with people you think will love the story of this cute little baby!

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