45 fun and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for Christmas 2020

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  • Thinking of Elf on the Shelf ideas every day in the run up to Christmas can be a struggle - unless you've got these ingenious ideas in your back pocket...

    The further we get into December the more Elf on the Shelf ideas we need. It happens every year. We start strong in that first week of December but as the days roll by and other festive jobs on our to do list ramp up – Christmas food shopping, Christmas wrapping, the inevitable mess when the pet is left alone with your new Christmas tree for 2020 – it’s too easy to forget that you haven’t moved the elf overnight.

    If you’re not already frantically trying to hide your Elf on the Shelf in a million different places every day, you soon will be. But, it’s OK we have lots of Elf on Shelf ideas to help – some naughty, some nice!

    What is Elf on the Shelf?

    The tradition has been building momentum in America for a few years now and is making its way to the UK, with each year seeing more parents getting obsessed with the little cheeky-faced character.

    The Elf On The Shelf tradition was started by a book which comes with a small Elf character. You read your children the story about the naughty elf, then each day you position your elf figurine in a different, humorous pose for your children to find.

    The Americans traditionally start their Elf on the Shelf the day after Thanksgiving but over in the UK we tend to start around the 1st of December (kind of like an alternative advent).

    December is a tough enough time as it is for a mum without having to try and think of new idea for the blimmin’ elf every morning.

    With that in mind, we thought we’d make things a little easier for you and give you lots of Elf on the Shelf ideas for how to position your Elf in the run-up to Christmas.

    We’ve even got a homemade elf craft here so you can make your own little army of cheeky elves. Enjoy!

    Best Elf on the Shelf ideas for Christmas 2020

    1. Game night with Elves

    2. Olympic Elf

    3. Floor is lava Elf

    4. The cereal Elf

    5. Gaming Elf

    6. Elf meets cat

    7. Sunbathing Elf

    8. Poorly Elf

    9. Elf in the car

    10. Cowboy Elf

    11. Mermaid Elf

    12. Nutella Elf

    13. Elves on a Plane

    14. Elf with cookies

    15. Harry Potter Elf

    16. Mischievous Elves

    17. Spa day Elf

    18. Elf making snow angels

    19. Movie night Elf

    20. Elf doing yoga

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    21. McDonald’s Elf

    22. Busking Elf

    23. Target practice Elf

    24. Spider-Man Elf

    25. Bathtime Elf

    26. Elf with Elsa

    27. Pirate Elf

    28. Toy Story Elf

    29. Star Wars Elf

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    30. Barista Elf

    31. Elves with pancakes

    32. Fishing Elf

    33. Baby Elf

    34. Elf eating cookies

    35. Elf cheating at Rubik’s Cube

    36. Snowman Elf

    37. Football Elf

    38. Wrecking Ball Elf

    39. Dartboard Elf

    40. Elves and Ducks

    41. Puppet Show Elf

    42. Colouring With Elf

    43. Elf in a jumper

    44. Artistic Elf

    45. Elf Twister

    Free props for your Elf on the Shelf ideas

    Some of the Elf on the Shelf ideas below require a few props to really carry them off. If you’re not feeling super crafty or don’t have the right materials to hand then don’t worry, elfontheshelf.com have you covered.

    Get their free printable Elf on the Shelf props here. All you have to do is print out the sheets and then cut out the props you want and stick them together to build them. They’ve thought of everything from elf suitcases and gingerbread houses to Elf on Shelf pizza delivery boxes!