50 ‘signs’ you’re a mum – do you agree?

So apparently being a mum can be summed up in 50 easy signs. While there are undoubtedly things that only people who are mothers can understand (the random things lurking in your post-baby handbag being one of them), we’re pretty sure these 50 things are selling the whole experience of motherhood pretty short.

A survey of 2,000 women by Asda has revealed the most common identifying features of being a mum.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “Mums have a natural instinct to be prepared for all eventualities when they have children.

“From stocking up on milk to always having nappies, tissues and wet wipes stored away in their handbag – mum is most definitely a ‘wonder woman’.

“We can tell that mum rarely puts herself first, and when she finally gets round to relaxing in the evening with a nice glass of red, it ends up going straight to her head.

“These top fifty signs of being a mum have taught us a lot and while many can give you a little giggle, we recognise they really go out of their way to make sure their children are happy and healthy.”

We’re on the fence. Yes, we may know all the words to Frozen songs (love really is an open door) but we’re pretty there’s a lot more to being a mum than these 50 little things.

That being said, we do find ourselves identifying with well over half of this list – although we’d love to meet the mum who actually gets to go to bed at 9pm!

The 50 signs you’re a mum

1. They long for a lie in

2. They have a photo of their children as a screensaver

3. They rush everywhere

4. They know all the words to popular kids TV theme tunes

5. They are permanently knackered or ‘wired’

6. They always have a pack of wet wipes to hand

7. They can function on very little sleep

8. They can’t leave the house without asking everyone if they’ve been to the toilet

9. They always carry a massive bag or multiple bags

10. They always have tissue in their handbag

11. They know the name of characters from kids TV

12. They appreciate their own mum more

13. They go out shopping for the day and only return with stuff for the children

14. They thinks nothing of sharing stories of difficult births, miscarriages, breast feeding etc

15. They have a cupboard dedicated to medicines

16. They never go anywhere without a phone ‘just in case’

17. They are super organised

18. They don’t get queasy at the thought of poo, wee or sick

19. They buy gallons of milk

20. They always watch TV through catch-up of Sky+ – never live

21. They go to bed at 9pm every night

22. They own lots of comfy shoes

23. They have the total inability to watch sad things about children on the telly

24. They go for comfort over style when choosing what to wear

25. The kids TV channels are always on when they have visitors

26. They’d rather get an early night than have a night out when the kids are at a sleepover

27. They go to the toilet just to get a few minutes peace

28. They know the words to ‘Let it Go’

29. They have a massive family organiser on the wall

30. They know bigger pants are more comfortable

31. They get drunk quicker on one glass of wine

32. They think that other work colleague seem so young

33. They can fall asleep anywhere

34. They have a strong opinion on schooling and education

35. They cry really easily when watching TV or films

36. Their social media posts are suddenly all baby pictures

37. They always have a box of raisins or snacks in their handbags

38. They swear under their breath

39. They instinctively grab a someone’s hand when crossing the road – regardless of the age of their company

40. They panic about a late night

41. They are more likely to have seen the newest kids release at the cinema than the latest blockbuster

42. They find that nappies are always in their handbag

43. They have ‘mum’ nights out

44. They say ‘sugar’ and ‘fudge’ instead of swearing

45. They learn to sleep on the edge of the bed because their child in asleep horizontally next to them

46. They suddenly start to think a people carrier is a good idea

47. They accidentally cut all sandwiches into triangles

48. They jiggle the shopping trolley as if it was a buggy when they’re in the supermarket

49. They can spot a high temperature at ten paces

50. They know all the words to irritating pop songs

How many do you agree with? Or do you think it’s a load of old rubbish? Tell us below…