9 ways to beat the post-holiday blues

Be gone pesky holiday blues! We show you how to beat the dreaded holiday blues...

9 ways to beat the post-holiday blues

So you’ve just come back from holiday and you’re hit with those familiar (and dreaded!) holiday blues. The sudden realisation that you’re no longer in 30 degree weather abroad or by a quaint, unspoilt British beach surrounded by your friends and family. You can’t help but feel a bit down when the days start getting shorter and the cold weather and clouds creep in.

Post-holiday blues might seem like a joke but the combination of not being with your family everyday, heading back to the office to face a barrage of never-ending emails and the prospect of chilly winter on the way can often lead to a sense of dread and sadness.

That’s why we’ve come up with some ways to ease you back into normality and combat those pesky blues. So relax, pour yourself some homemade holiday sangria and we’ll do the rest…

Apester Lazyload