11 things you’ll only remember if you had a McDonald’s party in the ’90s

If you were really lucky back in the day, your parents might have thrown you a little birthday soireé at the hottest venue in town… McDonald’s!

Talked about for weeks before and after, a McDonald’s party was one sure-fire way to make sure your classmates knew you were one of the cool kids. Because let’s face it, nothing says celebration more than eating a small paper bag of chicken nuggets while sitting on a plastic-covered padded stool.

There was plenty to be excited about, from the invites to the entertainment – this was no budget performance!

Not only did you get enough salt and sugar during your birthday meal to see you through the rest of that year, you also got to meet the ACTUAL Ronald McDonald.

So, if you were ever in the elite group to have had a McDonald’s party in the ’90s, here’s how your day probably went down…

1. You carefully built the anticipation with beautifully-themed invites…

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Because you wanted everyone to know you had style.

2. Then on the big day you knew you didn’t have to worry about accessories for your party outfit…

Because you were going to be given a glorious crown to top off whatever you were wearing, #SWAG.

3. And you didn’t have to worry about people being confused whose big day it was either

13 going 30. #throwbackthursday

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You knew McDonald’s had this covered…

4. When you welcomed your esteemed guests, everyone had a throne to sit upon

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Whoever invented burger stools deserves a medal!

5. Invited little ones? Not. A. Problem.

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There was room for every guest to be treated right at your birthday. Presenting… The brown high chair!

6. As for the pre-dinner entertainment? Pfft, easy

Because with toys like this who needs anything else in life, ever?

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Oh, and toys like these… Which were basically guarenteed to make your guests money when Beanie Baby values rocketed (we’re still patiently waiting).

7. If you were lucky there would be a glorious outdoor area

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But you’d still have to say a quick prayer that you didn’t get stuck in that tube slide with the kid who needed a wee…

8. But here’s where things got slightly dark

Ronald McDonald turned up and made you feel like maybe he was the stranger your parents warned you not to speak to…

9. So to deflect the situation you cried out for cake

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And what a cake it was. A MCDONALD’S cake. Nothing was ever more perfect (or more full of refined sugar).

10. And then, without further ado, you presented your VIP guests with their party favour and bid them on their way

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A perfectly fluro balloon.

11. At that point you just knew…

McDonald’s would forever have a special place in your heart.