Animals in love

See a selection of cute creatures that like to pucker up with a kiss and show their love for one another!

Love is in the air – animal love, that is. Yes that’s right, this really is a gallery full of pictures of animals declaring their love for one another. You may have heard that many species of animals mate for life, and we’ve got photographic proof that there are romantic couples all over the animal world. Mind you, even animal love can have its ruff (see what we did there?) patches, after all, imagine spending a lifetime with the same bird, monkey, or fish.

Have a flick through our gallery of animals declaring their love for each other, and the funny captions that go alongside. We’ve got everything from kissing chickens and nuzzling squirrels to cormorants getting cosy.

So if you didn’t believe that you could see public displays of affection in the animal world, think again, as we’ve got a whole load of animal love snaps. And who wouldn’t want to look at cute, cuddly creatures puckering up for a peck?

There’s nothing like watching a romance possum, ahem, blossom – particularly when it’s in the animal kingdom. Go on, have a giggle over these pics showing animal love at it’s best. You know you want to?

Apester Lazyload