‘How I learnt to breastfeed happily’

‘I’ve had two very different experiences breastfeeding my children Mark and Ali. When Mark was born, he refused to suck and just wanted to sleep all the time.

I don’t why but he never seemed to be hungry. It made me anxious as I thought I was doing it wrong, but nurses reassured me that it would all come in time.

It was only when we were back at home that he seemed a little more alert and decided it was time to eat. I think he was charging up his batteries!

With Ali it was much easier. She seemed to have the natural instinct and fed straight away. I was so relieved as I thought she’d be the same as Mark! It may take some time, but it will happen.’

Helen Armstrong, 36, mum to Mark, two, and Alfie, three months

Apester Lazyload