‘When I bonded with my baby’

I was looking forward to the birth being over with as I’d had such a difficult pregnancy. I had awful morning sickness and was in constant agony with symphysis pubis dysfunction. But there was one last hurdle.

I was in labour for 23 hours before I finally gave birth. Needless to say I was exhausted and fed up, why had my baby put me through so much pain?

Then all those feelings disappeared the morning after the birth, when the nurse came in early with Saskia. I took off her sleepsuit and held her against my skin. She snuggled up closely as if she’d done it a million times before and my heart melted.

I didn’t know I was crying until my husband Keith leant forward to wipe away a tear and I knew that we’d have a very happy future together.
Cerys, mum to Saskia, 15 months