This toddler’s amazing baking skills have put us to shame

We love baking with our kids, but let’s be honest – it usually leads to absolute carnage in the kitchen. Flour on the ceiling, icing on the walls, chocolate all over their grinning little faces, and, every single time, shards of shell in the eggs.

Most parents will probably recognise our vision of sugar-coated chaos, but not Tony Quarella, the proud dad of this little lady – because she’s managed to master the art of baking at a remarkably young age.

16-month-old Anna might look small and innocent – especially in that adorable chef’s hat – but she’s possibly more of a dab hand in the kitchen than we are!

Just watch what happens when her dad asks her to crack an egg into the mixture for a batch of cookies…

Tony says that he suggested giving Anna an egg ‘fully expecting to have a mess to clean up’, but as you can tell from the shock in his voice, he ended up with the complete opposite!

We love how nonchalant little Anna is about the whole thing. She’s not even two years old and she’s cracking and whisking eggs like an absolute pro – and not a shard of shell in sight (something that, if we’re honest, we as grown adults can’t always manage…)

As Tony says in the video, best chocolate chip cookies ever!