49 brilliant baby Halloween costumes for before they learn to say no

Every Halloween is exciting when you’ve got kids, but we have to be honest – we think the best one might just be when they’re babies.

Sure, kids’ Halloween costumes can be pretty heartmelting, but nothing’s ever quite as cute as the under-ones in their Halloween finery, mainly because they can’t say no to whatever crazy costume you come up with. The only challenge comes with deciding which one to pick!

Some get-ups feel a little overdone, so if you’re bored of witches and fed up with werewolves, and can’t bring yourself to drape them in a white sheet and call it a ghost, you need to think outside of the (dressing up) box. That’s where this collection comes in.

Here are 47 super-creative baby costume ideas that’ll make sure their first Halloween trick-or-treating bucket is the fullest EVER… hands up who’s doing a baby Audrey Hepburn this year!

1. Use the film Up for inspiration and you’re bound to get some fans of your babies costume.

Image: Pinterest/Shana Crane

2. Could there be anything sweeter than a baby gumball machine?

Image: Pinterest/Costume-Works

3. There’s more than just Harry himself to choose from if you’re going Potter-mad for Halloween, like this adorable Dobby

Image: Pinterest/Brit+Co

4. As this baby proves, you don’t even have to be awake to work this owl costume

Image: Instagram/KristaHallPhoto

5. Well, pinatas do make a mess, just like babies…

Image: Little Inspiration

6. This pineapple costume is just a few updates to a basic yellow onesie

Image: Instagram/LinesAcross

7. Popeye is the perfect costume for babies with adorably chubby limbs

Image: StorytellerCinema

8. Some red wool, a cute dress, some stripy tights, and you’ve got yourself a ragdoll!

Image: Juxtapost

9. The drawn-on abs really make this baby Roman outfit

Image: MemeCollection

10. Got a water baby? Turn them into a scuba diver (they can wear a dummy and still be in costume!)

Image: Indulgy

11. Of course, a shark is an equally snappy choice

Image: Imgur

12. Get creative with a black babygro and white fabric paint for a DIY skeleton look

Image: Instagram/Miranomas_Lazorya

13. Spaghetti and meatballs! Now to find two dogs for your very own Lady and the Tramp scene…

Image: Treehouse TV

14. Ghostbusters fans, the Stay Puft marshmallow man is the costume for your sproglet

Image: Cha.lt

15. Add a dumbbell to a striped outfit for a quick and simple strongman

Image: You Are My Fave

16. Wrap your baby up in Subway wrappers and hey presto – an instant costume for you too!

Image: Instagram/Lacy_Joy

17. Staying with the food theme, you could go for sushi…

Image: The Globe and Mail

18. …a crawling taco (because costumes don’t need to get in the way of tummy time…)

Image: Costume Pop

19. …cotton candy…

Image: Style Me Pretty

20. …or a box of Frosties, although you will need a supporting adult for this one

Image: Costume Works

21. This tiny tardis is just cardboard boxes, craft paper and a little creativity…

Image: Craftster

22. …whilst this turtle combo is as simple as colouring a paper plate

Image: Imgur

23. Star Wars lovers, we present you with a baby Yoda…

Image: Ravelry

24. …a chubby-cheeked Jedi…

Image: Tim and Olive

25. …and the most gorgeous little Leia in town

Image: Imgur

26. Spread their wings AND keep them swaddled with this butterfly ensemble

Image: MommyStatus

27. Create Cabbage Patch Kids – double the trouble, twice as adorable

Image: Coolest Homemade Costumes

28. Or take inspiration from a classic children’s book instead of toys

Image: Lola Pearl in Costume

29. A brown outfit + a hat with antlers = my first Halloween, nailed

Image: StudioDIY

30. The firebreathing dummy is icing on the cake of this dragon ensemble

Image: Costume Pop

31. Start with an elephant, and they’ll have a circus theme they can carry on for years!

Image: Imgur

32. The most flamboyant babies amongst us will look great as mini flamingoes

Image: Studio DIY

33. Whilst little Rosie or Daisy NEEDS this flower suit


34. Caffiene addicted mama? Frappucino baby!

Image: Instagram/Goodas77

35. A garden gnome this angelic will be walking away with ALL of the Halloween candy

Image: CostumeWorks

36. Harry Potter is an easy but effective choice (don’t forget the scar!)

Image: Love and Lion

37. Or if you want them to save the world rather than Hogwarts, a hero outfit is a must

Image: Imgur

38. (Any hero will do)

Image: Instagram/PaleGurlJoleen

39. How about a hot dog that you can push around in a buggy?!

Image: Tim and Olive

40. And this little lobster comes with her own personal carry pot

Image: Ordinary Parent

41. This mermaid costume works for all ages, even if they’re not sitting up yet

Image: Instagram/FieryMermaidBlog

42. As does Mr Monopoly, king of baby board game personas

Image: Costume Works

43. Although an honourable mention does have to go to Mousetrap

Image: Coolest Homemade Costumes

44. Stuffed tights are the cheat’s way to baby octupus chic

Image: Babble

45. Reach for the stars! Astronaut baby is here!

Image: Lola Pearl in Costume

46. They could shake a tail feather with this peacock get up…

Image: Creatively Christy

47. …keep it classy with Audrey Hepburn Jr…

Image: Creative House Blog

48. …or take it back to the 80s with this aerobics instructor aesthetic

Image: Homemade by Jill

49. The choice is yours, but if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a classic – cos a bundle of baby dressed as a pumpkin will never ever ever get old.

Image: People