Is this why Kate called her son George? The names that make people smile revealed!

When it comes to choosing your baby's name, you're obviously going to hope that it's a popular choice with friends and family so how about choosing a name that will make people smile?

If you want to guarantee a crowd pleaser then this little list might just help. You see, the names that make people smile the most have been revealed – and the results are surprising!

A survey of more than 2000 people discovered that it was good news for our little Prince, with George being one of the names that made people the happiest, while it was traditional choices like Emily that people liked most for the girls.

In not-so-happy news the survey also uncovered the names that were least likely to make people smile, which is sad news for Davids and Junes (but we think they’re lovely anyway)!

The survey was carried out by the Oral Health Foundation for National Smile Month. To get the results the people surveyed were asked ‘What is the name of a person who makes you smile the most?’ and ‘What is the first name of the person who makes you smile the least?’

And the results? Well, here they are…

The baby names most and least likely to make you smile

Names most likely to make people smile

1. George 2. Dave 3. James 4. Steve 5. Andrew
1. Emily 2. Molly 3. Sarah 4. Lucy 5. Lily

Names least likely to make people smile

1. David 2. Jeremy 3. John 4. Donald 5. Ian
1. June 2. Donna 3. Helen 4. Louise 5. Lisa

Dr Nigel Carter, who is the CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, has an inkling that the names that make people smile the least could be to do with our association with politicians for a lot of them.

‘Politicians are rarely the most popular people but at such a politically charged time it seems that even the mention of some of our top politician names such as, David and Jeremy, is enough to swiftly banish our smiles,’ he said.

‘Obviously this research is very subjective; we all have that one person in our lives that makes us grin from ear-to-ear and one which can quickly turn our smiles upside down.’