Best baby carriers: Which baby carrier is best?

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  • Looking to buy your little one a carrier so you can ditch the pushchair every now and then? We’re here to help making that all important purchase much easier.

    This baby essential is a great buy as it keeps your hands free and your baby close to your chest – and hopefully the warmth which means they’ll dose off easier!

    If you’re looking to buy a baby carrier, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite, and best selling carriers, in some of the most popular baby stores in the UK at the moment.

    Should I buy a baby carrier or sling?

    If you’re looking for something with a little more support for your back we’d opt for a sturdy carrier as it comes with buckles, belts and support for your baby and your back.

    A sling is freer, maybe an option for indoors when you’re pottering about. A sling is made using a sturdy piece of material that wraps around your body and fastens. It’s up to your which one you opt for!

    Where to buy one: Best baby carriers

    There are so many different choices to choose from when it comes to buying a carrier – from style to colour. Here are some of the most popular buys from shops including Mothercare and Mamas and Papas…

    Mothercare’s bestselling carrier

    Mothercare 3 position carrier £35

    Age range: Suitable for newborns to 6 months.

    Features: With three different carrying positions the sporty designed Mothercare baby carrier can be used from birth and features a soft lining and a removable support cushion, and for your comfort there are wide padded shoulder straps.

    GoodtoKnow: Your newborn can be carried facing inwards and as they get a little older and are able to support their head on their own, the carrier can be turned around so your baby can still be carried on your front, but facing outwards. For older babies, from around 6 months, the carrier can be used worn on your back.

    John Lewis’s bestselling carrier

    Ergobaby 360 Bundle of Joy £139.90

    Age range: Suitable from birth to 3.2kg.

    Features: This carrier can be worn front, back and on your hip depending on what’s comfortable for you and safest for your baby. The design keeps pressure off a baby’s developing spine and pelvis. The Infant Insert also provides the necessary head and neck support for comfortable carrying from day one.

    GoodtoKnow: This carrier is machine washable at 30°.

    Where to buy one: Best baby sling

    Amazon’s bestselling baby sling

    Premium Baby Carrier – Neutral Grey £21.97Age range: Suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers (35lbs max)

    Features: This clip-free designed carrier is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which gives it a nice stretch but soft finish. This sling makes a safe carrier for your little one.

    GoodtoKnow: This carrier has been manufactured with premium materials to ensure years of use and repeated washings.

    How to buy a cheap carrier

    We’re all about saving money here at GoodtoKnow so we’re sharing some of our top tips for buying a carrier on the cheap.

    • Online vs in store: Sometimes holding off and waiting until you get home to have a look online can pay off. Some stores have exclusive discount deals that are only available online so always worth checking before buying. And it can work the same way for in store too – some shops will only offer in store deals so do your research before you buy and make sure you view the carrier in the flesh too so you’re getting the right size!
    • Sales: Keep an eye on sales that might be going on online and in store. Big sales like end of season sales or sales in the lead up to Christmas are a perfect time to buy needed baby products.
    • Vouchers and discount codes: It’s always worth having a Google to find out if there’s any recent discount codes for the store you’re buying from – even if its free delivery, it’ll make a difference to your overall budget.

    Baby carrier safety guidelines

    The British Association of Babywearing Instructors have set regulations that your carrier and the set up of your carrier. They include:

    • Tight: A carrier should be tight enough so you can hug your baby close. Any loose fabric will allow your baby to slump which could hinder their breathing and pull on your back.
    • In view at all times: You should be able to see your baby’s face when wearing the carrier. The fabric should not gather around their face or neck so you have to open it to check them.
    • Close enough to kiss: Your baby’s head should be as close to your chin as comfortable. You should be able to kiss your baby on the head comfortably.
    • Keep chin off the chest: A baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest. This can restrict breathing.
    • Supported back: Your baby should be upright with their back supported in a natural sitting position with their tummy and chest against you.

    Carrying a young baby facing out in a sling is not recommended, as it forces your baby’s back straight against your chest, and causes their legs to dangle in a harness-like position so all weight is on their crotch rather than being spread from their bottom and thighs.

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