Best board games for kids

Board games are a great way to get the family to bond but with so many on the market, how are you supposed to choose? We’ve chosen the best family board games available from Toys 'R' Us so pick up your favourite and get playing today.

There’s nothing quite like taking the time to spend the night playing a board game together as a family – you might all be surprised at how much fun you have. Whether it’s a trivia board game, a game of chance, or an old family favourite, they make a great change from the TV and there really is one to suit every age and occasion.

The shops are now full of hundreds of different types of board games, so how do you know which is best for you? We’ve done the leg work for you by putting together a list of the best family board games including old classics like Chess and Snakes & Ladders as well as newer games like The Cube and Rapidough. Will your kids enjoy brushing up on their drawing skills with Pictionary, or would they prefer getting a bit shouty with a game of ‘Uno!’? Take a look at this list of the best board games and decide for yourself. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us your favourites!

We love getting out a few board games at family parties and watching kids (big and little!) have a go at a little friendly competition. If your house is anything like ours the kids might just get ousted out by the adults who get a little too into beating each other!

Are the kids not quite the right age for a board game just yet? Remember that some of the most popular board games come in alternative junior versions for the little ones or family versions with separate cards for adults and children. Keep your eyes peeled for these editions as you click through our gallery, as they’re guaranteed to make the game play fairer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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