Best selling cots: where to buy a crib for your baby

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  • Weeding out the best cots for your little one is a big responsibility. You want to make sure you get everything right – from cot style to the safest mattress.

    Like a lot of baby essentials, there are many rules and regulations when it comes to buying a crib or cot. Stores like John Lewis, Mamas and Papas and Amazon are a great place to start looking as they have a wide range.

    Our cot-buying guide will make choosing your little ones crib much easier. We’ve got some safety tips to keep in mind when shopping as well as some top sellers from well-known baby stores around the UK.

    The best-selling costs and where to buy them

    First up, its time to have a look at some of the bestselling cots in the UK at the moment and where you can buy them from.

    Boots’ bestselling cot: Tutti Bambini Lucas Sleigh Cot

    Boots cot

    Credit: Boots

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Under bed drawer.
    • Three position base.
    • Protective teething rails.
    • Matching furniture available.
    • Converts into a toddler bed.
    • Can be used up until 6-years-old.

    SHOP NOW: Tutti Bambini Lucas Sleigh 3 in 1 Cot Bed, £259.99, Boots

    Age range: Suitable from birth up to approximately 6 years

    The Tutti Bambini Lucas Sleigh Cot has a three position bed base and a fully integrated under bed drawer to store baby’s essentials. It can convert into a toddler bed, making it usable up until your child is approximately 6 years old. It also has two protective teething rails and a fixed side cot for ultimate protection and safety for your baby, and peace of mind for you as a parent.There’s matching furniture available, if you’re keen to have everything in your baby’s nursery coordinated (we wouldn’t blame you!). Other pieces in the line include a wardrobe and a chest changer.

    Mamas and Papas’ bestselling cot: Atlas Cotbed

    Mama's and Papa's Atlas cot

    Credit: Mamas and Papas


    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • 3 cot base heights.
    • Simple, classic design.
    • Can be bought in installments.
    • Available in wood or white.
    • Can be used up until 4-years-old.

    SHOP NOW: Atlas Cotbed, £279, Mamas and Papas

    Age range: Birth to approximately four years old.

    The popular Atlas cot has 3 cot base heights, making it easier to lay baby down when it’s time for sleep. It can be used from birth and converts to a toddler bed, for use until your child is approximately four years old. The Atlas cot does not come with a mattress, so you’ll need to purchase one that fits inside. Mamas and Papas recommends a 140 x 70 x 10cm mattress, which you can purchase here. It can also be paid for in installments, if you’d prefer.

    Amazon’s bestselling cot: White Wooden Baby Cot with Drawer

    Amazon cot

    Credit: Amazon


    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Teething friendly rails.
    • Large drawer.
    • Three adjustable positions.
    • Comes with free mattress.
    • Can be coverted to a toddler bed.

    SHOP NOW: White Wooden Baby Cot with Drawer, £139.99, Amazon

    Age range:  Suitable for babies up to the age of three years old.

    Amazon’s bestselling cot is made from the natural solid pine wood with a total weight of 23kg, and comes with a free foam 6cm Aloe Vera mattress. Its large rollaway drawer is ideal for storing your baby’s essentials, and the rails are teething friendly to protect sensitive gums. The cot can be converted into a toddler bed, usable until your child is approximately three years old. When it’s still in the cot position, it has three adjustable positions. It’s an Amazon’s Choice product and has received an average of 4.5/5, based on over 500 reviews.

    John Lewis and Partners’ bestselling cot: Alex Cotbed

    John Lewis and Partners cot

    Credit: John Lewis and Partners

    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Suitable from birth.
    • Comes with teething rails.
    • Mattress can be bought online too.
    • Converts to a toddler bed.
    • 3 mattress base positions.

    SHOP NOW: Alex Cotbed, £125, John Lewis and Partners

    Age range: Suitable from birth.

    This cot is made from solid pine, and can convert to a toddler bed by removing the side rails and dividing the cot ends. The bed comes supplied with teething rails and has 3 mattress base positions. The mattress is sold separately, and can be bought online here. It costs £30. This cot has a 12 month guarantee.

    Ikea’s bestselling cot: Gulliver Cot

    Ikea bestselling cot

    Credit: Ikea


    Key features Key reasons to buy
    • Can be placed at two heights.
    • One side of the cot can be removed.
    • Comes with easy assembly guide.
    • Affordable at £65.
    • Well ventilated.

    SHOP NOW: Gulliver Cot, £65, Ikea

    Age range: Suitable from birth.

    Features: Ikea’s Gulliver cot can be placed at two heights, and one side can be removed when the child is big enough to climb into and out of the cot. Its durable materials have been tested to ensure they give their body the support it needs for a good night’s sleep. The cot base is also well ventilated, providing good air circulation for a pleasant sleeping climate. The matress and bed linens do not come with the cot and can be bought seperately.

    How to save money when buying a cot

    We’re all about saving money here at GoodtoKnow so we’re sharing some of our top tips for buying a cot on the cheap.

    • Online vs in store: When it comes to buying a new cot, its best to go to the shop and see it in the flesh before you buy online. Sometimes stores offer discount price when you buy in store, and sometimes they have better deals online – either way you should definitely see the cot or crib before you buy it.
    • Second hand: Some baby products really are best bought from new but if you’re really short on money and can’t make an exception second hand would work. Just make sure it complies with the safety regulations, has a BIS number and if you’re buying online, you collect in person so you can make sure its in working, safe condition. For a cot you’ll need to buy a brand new mattress – a second hand mattress is a big safety no no.
    • Sales: Holding off until there are sales on is a great idea – Black Friday, Boxing Day sales, January sales and end of season sales are great for bagging yourself a bargain!
    • Vouchers and discount codes: It’s always worth having a look on Google to find out if there’s any recent discount codes for the store you’re buying from – even if its free delivery, it’ll make a difference to your overall budget.

    Cot safety guidelines

    When buying a cot, you need to look out for the British safety standards code: BSEN716 which should be on all cots as well as the BSI number: BS 1877-10:1997 for the mattress for your cot.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to buying a cot, including the following:

    • Cot bars: The bars on your chosen cot should be vertical and the distance between the bars should be no more than 6.5cm apart so your baby can’t get stuck between the bars of the cot.
    • Depth and space: The distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the cot sides should be at least 50cm, to prevent your baby from climbing out when they become more mobile. You need to make sure that your baby’s arms or legs cannot get caught down the side of the cot or between bars.
    • Circulation: Some experts recommend cots with four sides that have bars to allow air to circulate freely around your baby when they sleep.

    Mattress safety guidelines

    Not only does the cot need to comply with a variety of rules and regulations, the mattress does too.

    • New is best: Buying a new mattress is recommended instead of opting for a second hand one. If you’re trying to cut the cost and save some money when it comes to buying a mattress make sure you thoroughly check your second hand mattress. It needs to be clean, dry, free from cracks, tears with no sagging.
    • Firm: The mattress you choose needs to be firm rather than soft and should be no thinner than 8cm.
    • Size matters: Mattresses tend to come in two sizes, standard and continental and should fit the equivalent sizes of cots commonly available in the UK.
    • Hygiene: When using your mattress, make sure you keep it as clean as you possibly can. You can buy mattresses with wipe clean covers or removable top panels which you can wash in the washing machine. A mattress protector is a good idea if not.

    For more information on both cot and mattress safety our baby bed safety guide has all the info you need in regards to keeping your little one as safe as possible.

    So-called budget brands are often cause for debate. It goes without saying that safety is priority, but cheaper brands still have to pass product quality and safety tests (and are sometimes manufactured by the same companies).

    Second hand cots are okay but you need to make sure they still comply with the British safety standards.