Best kids’ films on Netflix to entertain little ones – and you!

With many of us staying indoors at the moment, these family favourites should help keep everyone entertained.
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  • We've rounded up the best kids' films on Netflix. Treat them - and you - to some down time with one of these fun flicks.

    When it’s rainy outside, there’s nothing better than just chilling out on the sofa and watching kids’ films on Netflix with the little ones.

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    There are some great kids’ films on Netflix to choose from and we’ve rounded up our favourites, that we love just as much as the kids do! From just £5.99 a month, Netflix works out a lot cheaper than buying DVDs that the kids might only watch once, and if you’re not sure it’s for you then you can even get a month’s trial, for free! There’s even a special section dedicated to kids’ films so you don’t have to go trawling through lots of those boring grown-up films.

    We’ve got all the classics from 90s films like Hocus Pocus – which parents will love as much as the kids – all the way to some of the latest Netflix-exclusive films like Gnome Alone. Some of the others include iconic Dreamworks films like Shrek and Tangled.

    There’s so much choice on Netflix these days, with titles in the children and family section of the site for every child aged 5 to tweenager. You won’t have to worry about anything unsuitable coming on, or them getting lost in scrolling and finding something that’s not quite family-appropriate. Every film in the section has its own description and visible age rating, separated into segments like “films based on books” and “exciting films”.

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