Best Moses baskets: Where to buy a moses basket for your baby

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  • Want to buy a Moses basket for your baby but have no idea where to start?

    Our handy guide will tell you exactly what makes the best Moses baskets and what to look out for when buying your first Moses basket, including safety tips and current bestsellers in UK stores.

    A Moses basket has to be one of our favourite baby essentials. Not only does it have the cute traditional feel, it’s also a handy way to transport your baby around in the first few months.

    A Moses basket is versatile, lightweight and good-quality baskets come with a comfy mattress and provide a snug sleeping place for your little one. You can also buy basket stands, which hold the basket and can be rocked.

    Are Moses basket stands universal?

    When it comes to buying a Moses basket, a stand is a matter of preference. If you like the idea of having your little one supported off the floor on a stand or if you’re planning on using your Moses basket as your baby’s cot for the first few months, a stand can be easily bought when purchasing your Moses basket.

    You need to make sure the stand is sturdy and of course fits your chosen Moses basket – ask in store to make sure you get the matching stand and basket. If you plan on buying both online, take a note of the product number and search using that.

    Where to buy one: Best Moses baskets

    There are lots of choices when it comes to buying a Moses basket – from style to colour, from material to stand or no stand. Here are some of the bestsellers including a stunning basket from Mothercare.

    Mothercare’s best selling Moses basket

    best moses baskets

    Credit: Mothercare

    Mothercare My First Little Lamb Moses Basket £50

    Age range: Suitable from birth to approx. 3 to 4 months old (or until the baby starts to roll over or pull him/herself upright)

    Features: The My First Little Lamb Moses Basket comes complete with comfy mattress, coverlet, fitted sheet, canopy, fabric liner and interliner. For a seamless nursery look the basket also co-ordinates with the brand’s first bedding collection.

    GoodtoKnow: Requires a Moses basket stand (sold separately).

    Mamas & Papas’ bestselling Moses basket

    best moses baskets

    Credit: Mamas & Papas

    Millie & Boris Moses Basket £89

    Age range: Newborn to child weighing 9kg

    Features: This classic Moses basket comes complete with an adjustable hood and hanging 3D star, foam mattress, washable covers and a beautifully hand quilted, reversible 2.5 tog quilt.

    GoodtoKnow: This traditional Moses basket is dressed with high quality fabrics, featuring a gorgeous selection of soft neutral prints from the Millie & Boris interiors collection.

    Amazon’s bestselling Moses basket

    best moses baskets

    Credit: Amazon

    Kinder Valley Zoo Time Moses Basket £32.95 

    Age range: Suitable from newborn to 6 months.

    Features: This Moses basket uses easy-care poly cotton with a soft padding surround and will ensure safe and sound sleeping for you and your baby. The mattress is washable, just in case of any spillages. The hood is adjustable too.

    GoodtoKnow: The mattress is also water resistant as well as breathable allowing easy air movement and heat.

    John Lewis’s bestselling Moses basket

    best moses baskets

    Credit: John Lewis

    John Lewis Waffle Moses Basket £49

    Age range: Suitable from birth.

    Features: No assembly is required for this Moses basket. The liner and hood are made from 100% cotton, the filling is 100% polyester. The basket is made from lightweight but durable palm.

    GoodtoKnow: The Moses basket measurements are; Base: W23 x L76cm; Top: W47 x L83cm.

    How to buy a cheap Moses basket

    We’re all about saving money here at GoodtoKnow so we’re sharing some of our top tips for buying a Moses basket on the cheapcheap.

    • Online vs in store: Some shops will offer online discount and some will offer in store discount, either way you’re best to do your research before you finally decide to buy – including going to see the Moses basket you want to buy so you know exactly how big or what it looks like etc.
    • Second hand: It’s ok to buy a Moses basket second hand as long as it complies with the safety rules and regulations below. It’s always best to buy second hand stuff in person instead of online so you can check the product out before you buy. We’d recommend buying a new mattress for your Moses basket though as this is a safety requirement.
    • Sales: Holding off until there are sales on is a great idea – Black Friday, Boxing Day sales, January sales and end of season sales are great for bagging yourself a bargain!
    • Vouchers and discount codes: If you’re buying a Moses basket online, it would be wise to have a look on Google to see if you can find any discount codes for the shop you’re buying from or the product brand before you buy – you never know, you might save a few pounds!

    Moses basket safety

    Like a cot, a Moses basket should be approved by the British safety standards and may be marked with the code: BS EN 716-2:2008.

    Other important safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to buying your first Moses basket include:

    Sturdiness: Check that the handles are sturdy and meet in the middle. The base of the Moses basket needs to be strong enough to hold your little ones weight and not sink in the middle.

    Carrying: You should always carry the basket with the handles together and one hand underneath to support your baby. If you’re at all worried, take your baby out of the basket before you move it.

    How long to use a Moses basket

    A Moses basket is the perfect buy for the first three months or so and makes a great cot alternative. If you want to start getting your little one used to sleeping in a cot, you could start by putting your baby to sleep in their Moses basket inside the cot.

    Second hand Moses baskets are ok to buy but need to be BIS approved and sturdy to make sure your little one is supported as much as possible.

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