The best paddling pools 2020 for kids to splash about in this summer

The weather is set to be scorching this weekend!

As the days get warmer and warmer, paddling pools are a great way to keep kids playing in the sunshine for hours. 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, from their favourite animal to huge, almost Olympic-sized, paddling pools have long since been a staple in family gardens across the country. In winter, they’re hidden away in garages, cupboard and sheds, then quickly dug out and dusted off when the sunny day hits the UK.

But if you’re on the look-out for a new paddling pool (especially if your old one has been taken over by spiders or lost in the chaos of the understairs cupboard), never fear. Our much-loved, family brands like Argos, John Lewis and Amazon are luckily here to help, as always. They’ve got everything you need to turn your back garden into family-sized pool party, with a huge range of styles and designs.

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Having a place for the kids to mess around this summer is so important, as they’ll be spending more time outside.

And there’s no better time to pick one up than now, with today set to kick off a 7-day heatwave, and temperatures set to reach over 34C!

So whether you’ve got a big garden, a small one or even just a small bit of outdoor space, it’s likely that it’s being used by every member of the family – for everything from barbecues to online workouts. A swimming pool is a great way to emulate a summer holiday – if you’re not heading off to one of these destinations this year.

Keeping paddling pool water clean: how do I keep the pool clean?

One challenge of using a paddling pool in summer is keeping it clean – with grass debris, falling leaves, and all the other bits that may find themselves in there, it can be tricky.

So how can you keep your paddling pool water clean? One easy way to do so is to buy a paddling pool with a filter. We’ve included a few great options below. This can rid your pool of debris and keep water circulation going, to avoid any scummy build-up.

Another simple way to keep the water clean is to buy both a pool cover and a pool-scooping net. Pop a cover on the pool when you’re not using it, and overnight, to prevent you from waking up the next day to flies, bugs, leaves and all sorts in the pool. This affordable option from Amazon, for a rectangle pool, is ideal. Or, you could use your own tarpaulin to create a cover yourself.

There are plenty of scooping nets available for pools too, which allow you to regularly maintain their cleanliness throughout the day. This handheld £3.58 option is a great choice, or this £14 one from Amazon.

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So why not invest in a pool, given that it’s something that the whole family can get involved with? While kids might love outdoor toys and grown-ups might prefer to fill the space with nature, a paddling pool is a great mix of both and allows for hours of fun for the whole family with very little clean-up required. Although, we also find that even the biggest kids (read: grown-ups) enjoy making a wave on a particularly hot afternoon.

Looking for more ways to have fun in the sun? Along with great suggestions for ways to spruce up your garden, we’ve got great ideas to get creative in the outdoors. Take up one of our gardening crafts to try something new, or find out how you can make a hanging herb garden and bring some greenery into your kitchen.

These are the best paddling pools for sale right now…

The best paddling pools 2020 for kids to splash about in this summer (1/14)

This Peradix Kids Ball Pit Play Tent has a 2-in-1 design, working as both a outdoor pool tent and indoor ball pool play house for your baby. Both functions work perfectly for play both home and away, as it's easy to assemble and portable so you can take your little one down to the beach (or the back garden), safe in the knowledge that the sunshade roof will keep harmful UV rays out while they're having a splash about.

One delighted customer said, "I’m really pleased with this. There’s a lot of ball pools on the market and many are cheaper than this one, but this is definitely worth the money."

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Dimensions: 77 x 94 x 94 cm

Bestway Fast set 3 ring PVC Paddling pool, £4 (2/14)

This Bestway paddling pool is one of the cheapest on our list, coming in at only £4. If you want something cheap and cheerful, then this is the one for you. Available from B&Q via Click & Collect, you can be splashing around in no time at all.

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Dimensions: 1.02 x 0.25m

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TP Toys 6m Aqua Slide, £29.99 (3/14)

Okay - this isn't strictly a paddling pool, but your little'uns will have hours of fun on this aqua slide from John Lewis, that's like a water park ride in their own back garden. A water spray showers the slide all the way down to make sure there are no dry sections, too.

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Dimensions: 100 x 600cm

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Intex Fishing Fun Water Play Centre, £61.68 (4/14)

One of Amazon's bestsellers and you can see why! This paddling pool will be great to splash around in and let little ones explore the water. It's more expensive than some of the others but with additional features such as a slide, it works as two toys in one. One happy reviewer wrote, "Kids absolutely love it and it’s not too deep which is nice as it makes it quite safe."

Age suitability: 2 years and up

Dimensions: 218cm x 188cm x 99cm

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Bestway Summer Set Pool, £9.99 (5/14)

Ideal if you're looking for a simple, no fuss paddling pool. This one from John Lewis is easily to inflate, deflate and it's one of the cheapest in our collection. But it's still made from (colourful) high-quality material, so you can be sure it will see you through the summer.

Age suitability: 2 years and up

Dimensions: 25 x 102 x 102cm

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Pop-Up Paddling Pool, £35 (6/14)

This pop-up paddling pool is perfect for much younger children, allowing them to splash about in the water without it being too deep. The pool also comes with a UPF 50+ covering, to provide your child with shade and protection from the hot sun. It even packs away neatly so you can bring it with you anywhere!

Age suitability: From 9 months

Dimensions: diameter: 96.5cm, height with shade cover: 65cm

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Early Learning Centre Tropical Family Pool, £39.99 (7/14)

Buyers of this paddling pool from The Entertainer have said it's worth the money, "nice and big, great buy" and describe it as "hours of fun". Perfect for anyone aged three and up, it's even got a tropical dish design on the outside to really make you feel like you're on holiday.

Age suitability: 3 - 8 years

Dimensions: 183 x 305 x 46cm

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Chad Valley 6ft Turtle Quick Up Kids Paddling Pool, £25 (8/14)

Which kid wouldn't love a fun turtle pool?! This sweet paddling pool is perfect for little swimmers, and will fit in easily to smaller spaces, if you've not got too much outdoor space. It also includes holes to fit an optional filtration system.

Age suitability: 6 years and over

Dimensions: 183 x 183 x 51cm

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Intex Swim Centre Family Pool, £39.69 (9/14)

This is a pool for the whole family, with four handy inflatable seats for when you're all ready to relax. There are even 2 handy drinks holders! There's a convenient drain plug in the floor to get rid of the water when you're finished, too. One customer wrote of the pool, "Great for a laugh in the summer with the kids, spacious and comfy, the beer holders.....oops drinks holders are a nice touch!"

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Dimensions: 229.0cm x 229cm x 66.0cm

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Bestway Inflatable Play Pool, £14.06 (10/14)

Kids will love this fun, ocean-themed paddling pool, which is shallow enough for even your youngest kids to enjoy, at just 30cm deep. An Amazon reviewer of the pool said, "Really pleased with this paddling pool. It’s 5ft wide and a great size for small ones. Mine are ages 4 and 2 and it's perfect with plenty of room for them both to spread out and play."

Age suitability: 2 years and up

Dimensions: 152 x 152 x 30 cm

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Bestway Canopy Kids Paddling Pool, £34.95 (11/14)

Shade your kids from the heat of the sun with this canopy pool, which will still allow them to enjoy the water but escape the sun's rays. But, if you want to, the canopy can be easily removed with the fasteners too - a win-win.

Age suitability: Ages 24 months and up

Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 114 cm

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Bestway Family Pool, £17 (12/14)

This family-size pool is big enough for everyone, and is easy to set up and quickly inflated. In fact, one Amazon user said, "The pool is very well made and can be blown up in no time at all." It's also made from robust vinyl, so it should endure over the years.

Age suitability: From 6 years upwards

Dimensions: 6.7 ft/201 x 150 x 51 cm

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Bestway Lava Lagoon Play centre, £42 (13/14)

This inflatable water play centre will mean hours of fun exploring, for your little kids. It's ideal for outdoor use but can also be used inside when the hot weather goes away.

Age suitability: 2 years and up

Dimensions: 2650mm x 1040mm

Bestway Fast Set Swimming Pool, £24.90 (14/14)

This circular pool is quick to inflate and easy to store, and takes just 10 minutes to fill up - so your family can enjoy the paddling pool is super-quick time. One Amazon customer said of the product, "Pool is really sturdy and didn't take to long to fill."

Age suitability: 3 years and up

Dimensions: 1.83 m x 51 cm