The 8 best pregnancy t-shirts we’ve ever seen!

Being pregnant means you have the chance to buy a whole new wardrobe. And let’s face it, once the bump is showing, it’s near-impossible to hide. But what better way to flaunt your baby belly with a hilarious or adorable pregnancy t-shirt?

From the adorable to the hilarious, we’ve rounded up some of the best pregnancy t-shirts to show off your bump in the very best way. There’s even one for your other half too!

1. For the foodie


Had two lunches, four desserts and six packs of Dairylea Dunkers all before 6pm? Don’t worry, wear this and people will understand. You won’t be able to blame any food binges on being pregnant forever – you might as well make the most of it!

2. For the Christmas baby

Image: magamama

If your baby’s due in the holiday season, a top disguising your bump as a snow-globe is an absolute essential! Other options are as a bauble and a snowman… anything round really.

3. For the day when you’ve had enough

Image: Cafe Press

Everyone has those days when you just can’t deal with other people. If you don’t want to be the one to shout at a stranger for grabbing your belly – make your t-shirt do it for you.

4. For the princess

Image: Pinterest

You’re a beauty. You have a bump. You can recite the entire Beauty and the Beast film. This t-shirt is all you need.

5. For the wishful thinker

Image: Zulily

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, every mum can dream her new addition is secretly a mermaid. Everyone can have high hopes right?

6. For some good advice

Image: Etsy

Not only is this pregnancy top absolutely adorable, it actually also gives out some pretty good advice for other mums-to-be. Cute t-shirt and helping mums: it’s a win-win.

7. For the mums who are so far along everything seems impossible

Image: Pinterest

This t-shirt is so true. Not only will it stop people asking when you’re baby is due every second of every day but it’s also pretty hilarious. Just try not to ever drop it…

8. For the dads

Image: Etsy

And of course, we wouldn’t want the dads-to-be to miss out on all the fun. Here’s a startlingly accurate top for the men.