Best school uniform deals for 2018

From the best prices to the best quality, we take a look at the top retailers on the high street and find out who's scoring top marks when it comes to providing school uniforms for kids.

The kids may only just be breaking up from school but savvy parents will already be planning a new uniform to replace those battered trousers, once-white shirts and lost jumpers and cardigans.

We take a look at the best ranges on the high street and reveal who comes top of the class when it comes to price, quality and variety.


Lidl school uniform

Hitting the uniform market with an unbeatable deal this year is Lidl, which has just launched a complete school outfit for just £4.50. Yes, the whole thing, for just £4.50, making Lidl the absolute winner when it comes to low-priced uniform on the high street.

The £4.50 uniform includes a two pack of polo shirts, a sweatshirt and either a pair of trousers or a skirt. Available for children ages 4 -12, the collection includes a variety of school clothing at slightly higher prices – and parents can pick up a pair of leather school shoes for £6.99.

What we love: the uniform is all 100% cotton so gentle on delicate skin. It’s tumble dryer safe for quick, easy cleaning and features permanent pleats so kids stay looking smart. The uniform is water and stain resistant and features straight collars for easy ironing.

Lidl’s uniform will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack £1.50
Shirts – 2 pack £2.49
Trousers – £1.50
Sweatshirt- £1.50
Cardigans – £2.99
Skirts – £1.50
Pinafores – £2.99


School children wearing Aldi school uniform

Also brilliant on budget is German supermarket chain Aldi, which has launched an entire school uniform package for an amazing £5. The school outfit features two polo shirts, one school jumper and either a pair or trousers or a skirt and covers all children aged 3 to 11.

What we love: Pinafores are quality tested and round neck sweaters are made in water-repellent finishes and easy iron materials. Aldi also supplies PE kits, school shoes and back to school accessories, so parents can get their entire school kits sorted in one shop.

Aldi’s uniform will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack £1.75
Trousers – £2.25
Jumpers – £1
Skirts – £2.25
Pinafores – 2 pack £5.99


School children wearing Tesco's school uniform

Also pretty tough to beat on price is F&F at Tesco, which offers a nice variety of school uniform – and handily – a school uniform embroidery service, where they’ll attach your school’s logo to jumpers, blazers and cardis.

Tesco’s back to school range features stain-repellent technology and is made from eco-friendly fabric. Trousers come with reinforced knees (thank goodness) and shirts also come in an easy-iron fabric, should your child’s shirt ever get near an iron.

What we love: F&F’s embroidery service is hard to beat. You simply enter your postcode into the site and they are able to offer all uniform pieces in the correct colour for your school, and they’ll pop the badge on. Sold! This definitely ticks a box when it comes to things to look out for when buying a school uniform.

What Tesco’s uniform will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack from £2.50
Shirts – 2 pack from £3.50
Trousers – skinny stretch trousers 2 pack from £9
Jumpers – 2 pack from £6
Cardigans – 2 pack from £8
Skirts – skater skirts from £6
Pinafores – £5


School children wearing Sainsbury's school uniform

Sainsbury’s offers great pricing and a really nice range and variety. The school jumper comes in eight colours alone. All pleats are permanent, which means no ironing (love), trousers have skid-proof, reinforced knees, colours are wash-resistant, meaning they’ll stay brighter for longer and shoes are scuff resistant.

Sainsbury’s also have a range of different fits for kids, from generous to slim fit, as well as longer lengths. Sainsbury’s use Teflon for a super strong stain-repellent finish and the price range is decent.

What we love: Sainsbury’s have officially said ‘no to ironing’ when it comes to school shirts. They’ve made them non-iron so they’ll come out of the wash good to go. Brilliant.

Sainsbury’s uniform will cost you…
Polos – 3 pack from £3.50/5 pack £6
Shirts – 3 pack from £4
Trousers – 2 pack from
Jumpers – 2 pack from £4
Cardigans – 2 pack from £4
Skirts – 2 pack from £6
Pinafores – 2 pack from £9


School children wearing Morrison's Nutmeg school uniform

Morrisons’ Nutmeg range for kids is all very well-priced with clothing starting from just £2.50.

The range is available for ages 3-13 and cardis (£5) come in red, navy, green and cobalt blue, and woven pleated skirts (£4) are available in black or charcoal. The full boys’ uniform starts at £12.50 with white polo two packs costing £2.50, sweatshirts £3 and regular trousers in black or charcoal, £7.

What we love: Nutmeg’s uniform essentials and PE kit staples are all about the detail with adjustable waist bands; easy iron, bobble resistant and machine washable fabrics and scuff resistant shoes.

What Morrisons’ uniform will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack from £2.50
Shirts – 2 pack from £3
Trousers – from £7 or 2 pack from £9
Jumpers – £3
Cardigans – £4
Skirts – from £3
Pinafores – from £7

George at Asda

School children wearing George at Asda school uniform

George at Asda offers a nice variety at practically unbeatable prices with colours ranging from red, purple, black, jade green, navy, cobalt blue, grey, charcoal, burgundy, brown and bottle green – pretty much covering most school colour bases.

You can also get pinafores in the more uncommon brown and green, as well as in burgundy as an online exclusive.

What we love: George offers a 100-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’, so if parents aren’t happy with the clothing, it can be returned within 100 days (with proof of purchase) for an exchange or a refund.

A uniform from George at Asda will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack from £2.50
Shirts – 2 pack from £3
Trousers – from £3
Jumpers – 2 pack from £4
Cardigans – 2 pack from £4
Skirts – from £3
Pinafores – from £5


School children wearing Matalan school uniform

Matalan’s school range offers a nice variety with jumpers and cardis coming in six different colours. Trousers come in slim, generous, skinny, classic and pull-on fits, plus there are woven pocket styles for girls.

The uniform is all tumble dry friendly and (like M&S) Matalan’s school shirts feature adjustable cuffs and are all easy to iron.

Skirts and pinafores come in a broad range of colour choices including navy, grey, black, brown and green.

What we love: The range of choice available at Matalan is excellent, with colours and styles to cover most uniform bases.

A Matalan uniform will cost you…
Polo shirts – 2 pack from £3
Shirts – 2 pack from £3.50
Trousers – from £4
Jumpers – from £3
Cardigans – from £3
Skirts – from £4
Pinafores – from £3

Marks & Spencer

School children wearing Marks & Spencer school uniform

Moving up a notch on the high street is Marks & Spencer with it’s stain and weatherproof uniform, stayNEW™ technology which keeps colours brighter for longer, non-iron fabrics and expandicuff shirts so that they are easier to pull on and off. Shoes are also scuff-resistant too.

Kidswear Technologist at M&S Charlotte Hunt says it’s the long-term durability of M&S’s uniform range that really makes it stand out. ‘An important test we do is ensuring they stand up to the 13 most common household stains, including grass and blackcurrant drinks. Our polos have over a 4* rating online. Nothing makes me prouder than when I hear polos are passed down to younger siblings – something we know our customers regularly do.’

M&S include grow-proof cuffs and hems in the range so parents can unpick for an extra 3cms as kids grow. Supercrease™ technology in the trousers means crease lines stay in wash after wash and blazers are ink resistant so leaky pens won’t ruin shirts.

What we love: M&S uniforms are made well with high-quality fabrics and feel nice for kids to wear. All M&S school essentials also use responsibly sourced cotton, supporting farmers and the communities in which the company operates.

What an M&S uniform will cost you…
Polos – 3 pack from £7
Shirts – 2 pack from £8/3 pack from £10
Trousers – from £10
Jumpers – from £8
Cardigans – from £7
Skirts – from £8
Pinafores – from £9


School children wearing Next school uniform

Also at the higher end of the high street, Next boasts a great choice of colours and styles.

Next’s V-neck cardis come in seven different colours and the store caters well for growing children of different shapes and sizes with their slim and plus fit sizing, alongside adjustable waist sizes and stretch fabrics.

There’s a stain-beating Teflon section and Next is one of the few retailers to also stock other brands, so parents can buy Clarks shoes, Nike sports gear and North Face raincoats through the site. In terms of variety, it is hard to beat.

What we love: The variety of styles and choice of brands. Their girls’ school trousers come in five different styles and their school page features 28 different brands, other than of course, Next.

A Next school uniform will cost you…
Polos – 2 pack from £6
Shirts – 2 pack from £8
Trousers – from £8
Jumpers – from £6
Cardigans – from £7
Skirts – from £5
Pinafores – 2 pack for £14

John Lewis

School children wearing John Lewis uniform

And finally, at the top end of the high street is John Lewis. The prices at John Lewis are higher but the uniform quality is undoubtedly excellent.

A known and trusted brand among many parents, John Lewis is top when it comes to high quality, long-lasting school wear.

The great design, fabric protection and clever finishing touches – including reinforced stitching along the seams, as well as reinforced knees in trousers, mean each item is designed to last and stay in shape.

John Lewis’s uniforms are 100% cotton, so kind on the skin for those suffering with allergies. Trousers feature hidden patches added to the inside of knees, adding strength and reducing the risk of ripping. All trousers, shorts and skirts have adjustable waists to cope with growth spurts and add comfort for active kids. Shirts are easy iron and John Lewis uses plant-based and renewably sourced, Teflon® EcoElite protection, so stains and spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily, and fabrics retain their colour and quality.

What we love: The range and quality of a John Lewis uniform makes it almost unbeatable. The attention given to detail with the reinforced stitching along the seams and hidden knee patches in trousers, adds to the overall quality of the uniform. For us, it is top of the class for September.

A uniform at John Lewis will cost you…
Polo shirts – 2 pack from £5
Shirts – 2 pack from £10
Trousers – from £11
Jumpers – from £9
Cardigans – from £10
Skirts – from £9
Pinafores – from £15


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